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Website Monitoring Software

Website monitoring software assists users 24/7 by keeping a constant watch over several websites performances in real time. Regularly alert users when any website is down or become inaccessible due to various errors including Host not Found, Server Not Found, Connection Failed, Low Bandwidth, Low Connectivity Network Status etc.

Website monitoring software checks the status of the site at every regular interval of time. 001Micron tools and technology software allows user to easily understand and evaluate website’s performance in real time.

Functionality of Website monitoring software:

Software safely determines uptime, downtime and ping status of website running on HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and FTP communication protocols that enables web browsing.
Report the users when website is inaccessible, respond very slowly or the website is down due to error messages displayed on your PC including ‘Host not found’, ‘Low bandwidth’, ‘Connection failed’, ‘Low connectivity network status’ etc.
If your website is detected inaccessible, loads or respond excessively-slow, it will send an immediate Alert Notification to the user via an email, beep sound and run a specified program.

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Website Monitoring Software

Website Monitoring Software
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Features of Website monitoring software:

» Software works in multithreaded environment and maintain performance of several websites profile in real time.
» Software analyzes the websites status easily in very less time.
» Sends user alert notification regularly when your website service goes down or is unavailable.
» Website traffic monitoring utility provides you with an option to switch from main view to monitoring view.